Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tank fighter P-F-1

Meet the P-F-1 Tank fighter, 1 more of the wonderfully weird one man tanks 

translated with Google translate
A well-developed version of the fighter tank was developed by Deputy Chief Engineer of Tomsk Bearing Plant S.V. Pinegin and his colleague - the chief engineer of the branch of the Kuybyshev Bearing Plant NM. Fedoseyev. In the middle of June 1942  They invented not only the car and the original tracks for it, but also worked out the concept of its combat use. In their opinion, the project under the designation P-F-1 was intended to destroy tanks, replace the motorcycle in reconnaissance, and also as a mass tactical machine of the battlefield.

The P-F-1 was a crawler-type machine on pneumatic wheels, suitable for all seasons except winter (in winter it was intended to use an analogue, P-F-2 aerosleigh). Calculated P-F-1 per soldier. With a cab size of 1.8 × 1 × 1 meter, the tank had Clearance 0.2 meters. The weight of the construction without a fighter was estimated at only 280 kg, the speed on tracks and wheels was 60 and 100 km / h, respectively.

The tank was armed with two 90-mm mortar shells with four mines (air torpedoes) weighing 20 kg. The auxiliary weapon was a submachine gun on a turret with a 360 ° firing angle and a 120 ° elevation angle. In the fight against tanks, P-F-1 had to act similarly to torpedo boats at sea, realizing the concept of "mosquito" detachments of light and cheap land torpedo bombers.

The project was well described and illustrated, and had a certain potential, but did not go further than the paper.

Tank fighter P-F-1 S.V. Penegin and NM. Fedoseyeva
 from http://warspot.ru/8738-stalnye-himery-krasnoy-armii  its number 12
the drawings

and now the model, build in a bit of a rush as it was for a bottle cap contest over at ML Braille scale forum.
Added a bit of extra detail, vision ports too the front and sides, and a bit more detail on the smg, which I based on the PPS-43 just with a drum mag like in the drawing.
I do have too wonder if the 2 90mm mortars would not damage the suspension with firing, I just love the way the SMG is mounted so it as a even a high angle of fire, looks pretty funky  

I took some inspiration of the amoeba camo suits and figured it would looks nice on this as well  

finished on its bottle cap base
on the cap I added a layer of putty to form a cobble stone street 

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

mountain troops

new set of mountain troops for Germania, they are artillery men and designed to fit the artillery piece, a 75mm gebirgsgeschütz 36 in this case. Interesting set to do, making them fit the gun and keeping the posing still active was not easy and I started over on a couple of figures but overall Im very happy with it

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