Thursday, November 17, 2016

Carden Loyd Mark 1 finished

Finally got the Carden Loyd one man tank Mark 1 done and boy what a work, for sure the most complex tank I ever build, just the running gear is already around 180 parts per side.
It was a hard project as well, even simple things like dimensions was hard I found 3 sources that gave dimensions but all 3 where different, none of the sources I knew so I had no idea which to trust, in the end I found out that all had problems, 2 of them give dimensions of the Mark 1 *, these had 2 wheels on the side and 1 on the back so does cant be used, thankfully 1 of the Mark 4 version used the same running gear so I got at least the length, a picture with the crew next to it gave me the height and the wide was so that was some what of a guess.

Lot of pictures below some of a versions that where a little bit different, but these tanks where constantly updated, almost every picture shows small difference.

Little bit of background info:
the Carden Loyd one man tankette was build in 1924 as a AFV for every infantry man, the first did not have a turret and was build at home by Captain Carden and was build in large part out of wood, it had 14 wheels per side.
the Mark 1 was build in 1925, running gear was stretched and now had 10 wheels per side, a turret added with a Lewis MG that was normally used in airplanes was it only weapon, this version was now build with armored plate.
the Mark 2 suspension was changed, fuel tank was placed on the nose, these where just for testing so no worries about getting shot, as well other smaller changes
the Mark 3 complete redesign of the running gear now with just 4 larger wheels, fenders, tool boxes and many more smaller things was changed as well.

the Mark1* got 2 wheels added to the side and 1 at the rear for driving on roads, Mark 3* was also build.

at least 3 prototypes where build but other sources give as many as 10.
the design evolved over many other designs and ended with the well know Universal Carrier.
part 1
part 2
some off the parts are just attached for the pictures and some are a bit wonky
 oops forgot next week the model will go to Ian from Friendship models, too be put up for sale


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greetings Patrick Mondria

Monday, October 31, 2016

Roman General and his standard bearers

Roman General and his 2 standard bearers, new commission for Masterclass from Italy, fun to do I never did figures like this before except for a couple of normal Romans soldiers years ago, it was a bit of a challenge but in the end they ended up looking pretty good if I say so myself.

PS the General only looks a little bit like Maximus :)

the 54mm figures I was asked to base the 1/72 figures on

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