Monday, July 9, 2018

1946 fallschirmjager

New set for GeBo of 1946 fallschirmjager, folding scooter with driver, commander and radio operator with the KleinFunkSprecher d "Dorette" radio.

Small folding scooter for the German Fallschirmjager. Likely only a prototype or none at all where build somewhere in 1944.

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Friday, June 1, 2018

M22 Locust preview

Quick Tetrarch preview

Model:M22 Locust
Manufactory: Planet
Scale: 1/72
Material: resin
Kit number: MV103
Parts: 18

nice sturdy box
front and back info sheet with decals
inside clear instructions

parts sealed in bags


hull, fender is nice and thin but a bit warped

hull, fender cracked on my kit, nothing to hard to fix
Only a couple of air bubbles in the sand shield (easy to fix) and in the rear engine deck (bit harder to fix) but overall well cast

running gear molded with the side plate, flash between the wheels will be easy to remove but the idler will be very hard to fix

tiny turret, maybe even a bit to small?

rest of the parts
                Real               1/72               kit
Scale: length 3,94m      54,7mm        55mm
           width  2,16m      30mm           32mm with sand shields 30,6 without
           hight   1.85m      25,7mm        cant be measured yet
so overall pretty close.

Good parts:
  • As far as I know this is the only 1/72 M22 Locust.
  • almost spot on to scale
  • low part count
  • hardly any flash 
  • well cast 
  • good instructions 
  • has decals

Bad parts:

  • solid idler
  • missing head light guards
  • missing the strengthening bar between the wheels  

Greetings Mondria

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stalin's steel ball, Sphebrobil

Yuri Pasholok posted again a wonderfully weird design, this time a spherical tank, in fact he did a complete book about spherical tanks called Stalin's steel balls, great name btw, well 1 of the balls was called Сфебробиль which google translates to sphebrobil, I guess a combination of sphere, armor and mobile.
Tiny little ball and it must be the worst to drive that thing as the driver sits almost on top of the engine, that will be a hot ride
Somewhat easy build so far, 3 18mm disks, 1 as main disk the other 2 cut into ribs and filled the space left with putty. As for but why did you not buy a balling or marble, well I did think of that but as gluing detail on steel or glass is a lot harder then putty I did not want to mess with that, wood was out as do to he wood grain, sure if I looked harder I would find a plastic ball but that would take be longer then making the ball like this.

sanded smooth

And finished, the screw was made from a flat disk with small V cuts, cut to the shaft, rounded of the screw blades and give it a small twist other then that nothing special about the details.

the drawing its all based on

Yuri's full article over here

Friday, May 11, 2018

Kubel with panzerschreks

Parts of the Kubel with Panzerschreks for GeBo.

The erzats panzerjäger Kübelwagen mit panzerschrek, or something like that, sort of late war emergency conversion similar to the Borgward  B IV Wanze only on a Kübel. I have read a few notes that something like this was build and used during the battle of Berlin but it easy could be wrong and it was nothing more that anti tank team being transported by car. What some call the panzerjager beute universal carrier with panzerschreks was also just for transport and would not be fired of the uni carrier and could not even be aimed as mounted and I think that the report missed that.
Anyway what I have done is a what if version of how it could possible look like, I made a mount for 3 panzerschreks with a blast protection shield mounted on it, it started out with 6 panzerschreks like on the Borgward B IV Wanze but that looked far to of balance, for the driver there is a folding shield, smoke launchers for a safer retried after a attack, couple of ammo boxes in the back and of course the 2 crew members.
The set is made for the Kubel S-model.

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Patrick Mondria

Monday, April 30, 2018


Small sculpt of a friend of mine with her doggy, it will be a gift for her and Im not sure yet if I will paint it yet.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Renault UE finished

Finished whoopy.

First a bit of background:
1932 France, the cavalry wanted a small scouting tank, Renault offered the UE armed with a single MG. Because of its slow speed and lack of a turret the cavalry did not like it and got the AMC-33 instead.
The early French version lacked the bulge on the right side and used a different  MG mount with 7,5mm Châtellerault M1931. I presume the 3 pictures below are the early cavalry prototype build in 1932.

In 1936 pretty much the same version was offered to China, which ordered 10, main difference was a bulge on the right side and 1936 MAC 7.7 mm was used as its armament.
My guess is that the bulge was used for extra ammo, its just the right size for a couple of racks.

These 6 grainy pictures come from Chinese news clips

 These 2 pictures are of the Chinese version but I think the pictures where taken before shipping, no prove just the background looks more European then Asian to me, it could also be 1 of the 100 ordered by the France at the start of WW2 but because of that the camo is the same as the 10 sent to China I presume its 1 build for them.

Still surviving UE of what I think is from France but it does have the bulge, because of that I think that all later models had this bulge. The MG is missing but looks like it had hinges next to the opening which both the China model and cavalry prototype lacks, so likely 1 of the 100 ordered at the start of WW2.

Start of my model, base kit is the S-Model Renault UE with a simple box scratched from sheet styrene with rivets from Archers decals, gun is also scratch.

 Tried out many things on this tiny model, oil weathering and color glazing worked pretty well, but the wash turned it a bit to dirty, tried to tone it done a bit and that only worked partly, next I gave the running gear a light dusting with pigment.
Added a couple of ammo boxes, a crate and to give it more filler a cover made of putty.

Armed UE where a popular conversion, the Germans made a lot of different versions, the 1 below is close to my version but there are some difference, I dont know if this a captured France version or that the Germans made it of standard captured UE's.
Thailand also used a couple but does differ a lot from the above version.
couple of  sources forgot to save a few
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