Sunday, 16 September 2018

Turtle 1 man tank

Designed by Les G. Scherer around 1952, this 1 man Turtle midget tank was armed with 2 .30 machine guns, 13 HE rockets and 640 single shot shotguns, yes you read that right 640 shotguns, well you already know I just had to build it.

This is the drawing that was in Popular Science

and this how it interpreted it, as the scale is a of in the drawings I had to make a few changes but overall sticked to dimensions that was giving in the article.
9,5 feet long by 2,5 feet high and 5,5 feet wide
or for the rest of the world that dropped the Imperial system long ago
2,9m long by 0,76cm high and 1,68m wide.

I did not drill the 640 holes for the shotgun shells that was where placed in a ring all around the vehicle, because well its boring and hard to see anyway.

I wonder how the rocket was aimed and reloaded, looks a bit like shoot and pray type of a deal, as the rockets where unguided. With the armored nose and low ground clearance I dont think it will be very mobile, but overall I do like the looks.
There is another design from around 1943-1944 that looks very much the same just with only 1 MG and no other armament that design had 2 engines placed inside the tracks next to the driver and I wonder if Les had contact with that designer.

Here is Helga again to show it off

 ooh wait Helga is German cant have a German showing of a American tank can we? :p

Edit it took only 2 years but its now cast and painted

added a bit of discolor and streaks around the rocket launcher, simple dark wash with some dry brushing

thanks for watching and feel free to comment
greetings Mondria

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