Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stalin's steel ball, Sphebrobil

Yuri Pasholok posted again a wonderfully weird design, this time a spherical tank, in fact he did a complete book about spherical tanks called Stalin's steel balls, great name btw, well 1 of the balls was called Сфебробиль which google translates to sphebrobil, I guess a combination of sphere, armor and mobile.
Tiny little ball and it must be the worst to drive that thing as the driver sits almost on top of the engine, that will be a hot ride
Somewhat easy build so far, 3 18mm disks, 1 as main disk the other 2 cut into ribs and filled the space left with putty. As for but why did you not buy a balling or marble, well I did think of that but as gluing detail on steel or glass is a lot harder then putty I did not want to mess with that, wood was out as do to he wood grain, sure if I looked harder I would find a plastic ball but that would take be longer then making the ball like this.

sanded smooth

And finished, the screw was made from a flat disk with small V cuts, cut to the shaft, rounded of the screw blades and give it a small twist other then that nothing special about the details.

the drawing its all based on

Yuri's full article over here