Friday, 30 November 2012

medieval weapons

tonight medieval weapons which is something I did not that much before Jens ask me to make these, so I spent a few weeks doing research and slowing making these, it did mend that I needed to redo a few things.
Another thing I very happy about is that I do this for Valdemar which makes the best medieval figures out there and maybe even the best small scale figures ever and Im very happy that Jenc ask me to do these.
But you guys are not here for the text but for figures so here they are.

different swords I spend a good time carving the fuller in the blades and very happy with the end result

great helmets

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head form mace

swords with scabbard


note the metal parts are not mine but there to scale the weapons next to a Valdemar figure

coming soon to

thanks for watching and feel free to comment

greeting Mondria