Sunday, 31 July 2016

Carden-Loyd Mark 1,2,3 one man tank

Start of the Carden-Loyd Mark 1,2,3 one man tank.

Tracks will be a challenge, so tiny, I will try using a strip, detail that and just bent around the sprocket and wheels, hope that works because I really dont want to cast does tiny tracks.
The other challenge was the MG, I never found a source saying what MG it used, at first I thought it was a Bren, but at the time these where build the Bren was not made yet, its development started almost 10years later, so a Hotchkiss maybe then, it was used in some WW1 tanks but also did not fit. Then the ball dropped, A Lewis without the barrel shroud, still not sure what version it was, so I went for the airplane version with the rear grip. 

thanks for watching and feel free to comment
Greetings Mondria

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