Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Anti tank Kübelwagens

These a a couple of Kubelwagens I have been toying with, to be far 2 have been on my desk for years and the X-7 version bit less but still months.

First of the erzats panzerjäger Kübelwagen mit panzerschrek, or something like that, sort of late war emergency conversion similar to the Borgward  B IV mit panzerschrek only on a Kübel. I have read a few notes that something like this was build but it easy could be wrong and it was nothing more that anti tank team being transported by car.
What I have done is make a mount for 3 panzerschreks with a blast protection shield mounted on it, for the driver there is a folding shield, smoke launchers on the nose, couple of ammo boxes in the back and of course the 2 crew members.

Next the Kübel with X-7 launcher on the back.
Simple sheet metal box with folding top and rear, that have been made to look similar to the normal top so it looks like a normal Kübel and keeps the missiles out of view and weather.
Still need to add a few things, a few smoke launchers, a normal off vehicle tripod and a few more things.

This 1 was build off leftover kübel parts.
Sort of a cheap armored car but don't really like it, so far I have shortened the chassis saves a bit of weight, sloped the sides, forgot the doors oops. I will probably cut down the rear make it lower and keep it open topped with a pintle MG instead of a turret

As always thanks for watching and feel free to comment.
Greetings Patrick Mondria 

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