Thursday, 19 April 2018

DVL Jagdsegler

One of the more crazy late war German designs where small rocket power gliders, in this case the DVL jagdsegler and it had a pulsejet similar to the V1 rocket a lot just smaller.
Armament ranged from bombs, torpedo's or rockets. The version I first build was armed with 8 RZ65 rockets but I did not like the result so sanded of the bulges and redid the engine to fit the first drawing below, this version was armed with 4 panzerschreck rockets, I liked the pulsejet more then strait rocket engine but 4 panzerschrecks does not really make sense in this case so left does off, maybe I will add some R4M rockets, I still have a few left and would fit as a anti bomber parasite fighter.

It does still have a small problem and that is the glass, I dont have a vacuform machine and would need 1 to form the cockpit, well will need to build 1 soon and finish it all.

Thanks for watching and greetings
Patrick Mondria

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