Thursday, 30 June 2016

Ooh does Russians painted

Hi folks

Finally I did some painting, in the last 5 years I basecoated 1 cockpit and in the 3 years before that I think I did something like 5 figures, so saying Im a bit rusty is understating it, half the paint I opened was of no use anymore but I still had a couple of greens mixed them up and got a decent Russian green out of it, the beige of the uniform was more of a problem as I only had lighter beige colors left and needed to buy a new tin for that. The wash did fail a little bit to harsh for my liking not sure how and if I need to fix that, for now I will just leave it along and if and wen I will add a base to them I can always touch that up, the uniform also need a more detailing need to check if I have some good colors for it. At the same time I painted these I also painted a Stridsvagn 103 or S-tank more of that later. For now back to sculpting a lot of Valdemar stuff.

unpainted model of the hand crank tank

unpainted bike model

Thanks for watching and feel free to comment

Patrick Mondria

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