Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ooh does Russians part 2

Ooh does Russian, well I found 2 of the weirdest Russian "tanks" ever planned, to be fair cant even call them tanks, it can hardly called AFV but as I like 1 man tanks and weird AFV these had to be build.

This time a armored bicycle just the concept is pretty weird and I only know of 1 other time I was tried, by the US I think. This concepts was very faulty,
-In this set up it is impossible to "ride" the bike because the legs cant move up or down, there is a plate that blocks movement and a big change the knees will hit the ground. I fixed it somewhat on the model removing part of the plate and placing the pedals a bit higher.
-as pictured here the wide is impossible narrow, my shoulders are wider then the max wide here, that would make it impossible to fire the gun or even steer. So on the model I made the tub much wider and have the figure more back.
-talking about steering well how does it steer? its not drawn and I dont see a steering wheel or bar, I did not fix this on the model as I did not know how.
-the gun I have no idea what type of gun is pictured here, I went for a DT as I know of no other gun with a pan magazine but then its far larger then how looks here, but maybe that was part of the steering and its a new rifle/MG made for this but I dont think so.
-I also added a front mud guard, here its open but then the drivers face would almost be touching the front wheel and mud will fling up right in the face.

What started out like a small fast build turned in a mayor redesign which looked almost nothing like the plans, I made 7-8 designs and still not happy with it but ended up with this model which to my it improved the bike but not changed it so much it a different model. With all the design flaws I still love the concept, it has a modern knight flavor guess that is why I like 1 man tanks anyway.

Also working on a couple of other 1 man tank projects, like the MIAS, Carden Loyd, Martel, T1, T17 as does where all build, also a couple of planned versions and a few of my own design, but the tiny running gear is slowing me down so it will take some time.

thanks for watching and feel free to comment

Patrick Mondria

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