Wednesday, 15 June 2016

ooh does Russians part 1

Ooh does Russian, well I found 2 of the weirdest Russian "tanks" ever planned, to be fair cant even call them tanks, it can hardly called AFV but as I like 1 man tanks and weird AFV these had to be build.

First: a hand powered "tank", this 1 man AFV was powered by spinning a wheel by hand and braking was done with the left hand, no armament can be seen other then a small barrel, maybe a smg, anyway this tiny AFV was rejected and never made, and thankfully so I cant see anyone driving this thing living long.

The model: pretty easy to make, it cant be seen on the drawings if it had a roof but I dont think so, I left the side hatch open so it possible to see some of the detail on the inside, at first I also made a figure for it but in the end I left it out it block to much. As for the tracks I left does really simple, just [ channel all cut the same size with a length of rod between them

thanks for watching and next week ooh Russians part 2
Patrick Mondria

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