Tuesday 20 June 2023

Panzerkleinzertörer Rutscher

Panzerkleinzert√∂rer Rutscher 

This model I made a couple of years ago but forgot to share it here. 

Some 20 designs where drawn up following these design specs.

Design specs 

     -2 man crew 

    -between 3,5t and 5t 

    -armor 20mm frontal, 14,4mm sides 

    -Tatra 4 cylinder, 90 HP motor -armed with a 81mm PAW600 for up to 700m combat range 

    -a possible 75mm KWK40 L48 for combat ranges past 700m 

Only of the BMW version a full size wooden mock up was made, the size is listed below 

    -hull about 1m high without the superstucture 

    -3550mm long 

The many Rutcher versions      

    -standard with 2 81mm PAW600 cannons 

    -big boom with a 75mm Kwk40 L48 (was part of the design specs but does look a bit over the top) 

My own designs, which I'm pretty sure could have been made on this small handy chassis 

    -street sweeper with 2 30mm MK103 

    -ammo carrier 

    -demolition version, similar to the NSU Spr1nger and Borgward IV 

    -X-7 anti tank missile launcher


Greetings and thanks for watching Mondria

Wheeled airborne tank destroyer

Wheeled airborne tank destroyer.

Originally based on a Dingo kit from S-model that I wanted to convert to a Canadian Lynx with a 2 pounder but I screwed up on by chopping the wrong part of it off, so made a tank destroyer armed with a PAW600 from the wreck, it's my own design but I followed the demands of the Luftwaffe for a 3,5 ton airborne tank, orginal part of the Panzerkleinzerstorer project of which the the Rutcher is a well known version. its a nice brain exercises to make something with a size and weight limit. So what did I do to the model, made the model a bit longer and sloped the nose, added Sdkfz234 style exhaust and hatches on the side, bit taller engine deck, new wheels and suspension. In the end not much left of the Dingo

greeting and thanks for watching Mondria