Saturday 13 March 2021

Hobby Boss Heinkel He 162 "VolksJager"

Hobby Boss Heinkel He 162 "VolksJager" or "Salamander" Over the summer I bought myself He 162 from Hobby Boss and I was not expection much and that is what the kit is a basic but decent fast build kit and it looks like a He 162 but the wheel bays and cockpit are very basic and that is what to expect. So what started like a weekend build stalded fast and was set aside for some time, I figured I can do a new seat and but of cockpit details but in the nd does did not fit well because the cockpit is to shallow, I shorted the seat but that looked horrible and ended up grinding out the cockpit making it as deep as I could and started building a full cockpit. Now I somewhat what to also open a few hatches. Diving in deep what was planned to be a weekend build ooh well.
Thanks for watching and greetings. Mondria