Sunday, 24 November 2019

S-model M22 inbox review

Quick M22 Locust preview

Model: M22 Locust
Manufactory: S-model
Scale: 1/72
Material: styrene and PE
Kit number: PS720022
Parts: 1 sprue with 22(21)+ 2 frets with 16 PE for both kits
2 kits in the box

guns both Little John and the normal 37mm

                Real               1/72               kit
Scale: length 3,94m      54,7mm        54,3mm
           width  2,16m      30mm           30mm
           height   1.85m      25,7mm        24,7mm
so overall pretty close but a bit too small

Good parts:
  • only late M22 in plastic at the moment (there is a resin early M22 see below)
  • easy build 
  • 2 in a box
  • 2 guns, 37mm and 37mm with Little John options in 1 sprue but only the 37mm on the other sprue the Little John was snipped off, others had no Little John adapters at all so beware if you want it buy it for that option
  • mine came with double the PE frets
 Bad parts:
  • details are a bit soft at places
  • some pieces got stress marks, looks like some parts got bend but all parts are complete with no damage I guess it was a demolding or boxing problems as the box was pristine
  • strength bars between the wheels are flat PE pieces but has too be a round bar
  • the 1 piece running gear is a bit basic, like all S-Model kits, but still better then the Planet kit with the solid idler and space between the track teeth is filled up, this will be a pain to fix but can be done with a Dremel tool and small burr 
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greetings Mondria