Monday 30 March 2020

Tiger II July turret

During WWII the Germans planned a couple of upgrades to the Tiger II most of these chances would be made to the turret and this is my attempt to make this turret.
Chances made are:
- new 105mm kwk L/68 gun with gun mantle
- option for 2 muzzle brakes or leave it off 
- new stabilized periscopic gun sight
- range finder
- chanced the roof to fit the range finder
- added armor texture and weld lines
- the turret was made 150mm, or 2mm at scale, longer so the new bigger ammo would fit and I guess to balance the larger gun but I'm not sure about that 

 Note the cupola as been chanced to a new design of my own and will not be in the kit but below are pictures of the cupola that is.