Sunday, 18 September 2016

Tracked Triumph part 2

Finished with the tracked Triumph, new tracks and wheels, steering cables and handlebar brake, added a exhaust which I did not see in the drawing, I'm still thinking of adding track teeth and teeth for the sprocket, they are not in the drawing but still needs to be there, but then again so small to do, ooh well maybe next week

John "what the hell where the thinking" Lee, is looking at it and standing next to it for scale and show a bit what most of you will also think.

(John Lee is a friend of mine, we used to go too school together and even back then he was scratching his head wen I was working on something and now he still does)

tracked triumph part 1

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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Tracked Triumph part 1

Between the time I as thinking how to do the tracks for the Carden Loyd I started on this little thing, I have no info on it other then what is writing below the drawing, I suspect that Triumph wanted more work as by 1943 a lot of things where motorcycles was used for where now done by the Jeep, so orders maybe orders for motorcycles dropped and Triumph came up with this, a 16inch high "tank", the nice thing about this design is that it still looks like a motorcycle with the tube frame, well just going by the design I dont think this was for assaulting or recon but more like a mechanized horse, a new idea for mounted infantry, which is not a bad idea just too late as by that time there where plenty of carriers and half tracks.

As for the model I used a frontplate but maybe this was open as well the drawing is not clear about that. The wheels did not work out well, I wrapped some strip around it to check but it simple does not look right, already cut does parts of and started over.

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Carden Loyd mark 1 part 2

Got some tracks on my Carden Loyd Mark 1, the suspension is still in 3 parts so I can mold and cast them this week, I hope. Anyway I made it in 3 parts because the upper track support bar is on both side almost the same just the mounting is a bit different, the lower running gear is exactly the same only the left side has a exhaust running between it easy as a extra part, and the part I hope works well is just flip the sprocket but I think the tracks will not line up perfect.
part 1

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