Sunday 4 September 2016

Tracked Triumph part 1

Between the time I as thinking how to do the tracks for the Carden Loyd I started on this little thing, I have no info on it other then what is writing below the drawing, I suspect that Triumph wanted more work as by 1943 a lot of things where motorcycles was used for where now done by the Jeep, so orders maybe orders for motorcycles dropped and Triumph came up with this, a 16inch high "tank", the nice thing about this design is that it still looks like a motorcycle with the tube frame, well just going by the design I dont think this was for assaulting or recon but more like a mechanized horse, a new idea for mounted infantry, which is not a bad idea just too late as by that time there where plenty of carriers and half tracks.

As for the model I used a frontplate but maybe this was open as well the drawing is not clear about that. The wheels did not work out well, I wrapped some strip around it to check but it simple does not look right, already cut does parts of and started over.

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