Thursday 3 September 2015

Argus AS 292

Meet the Argus AS 292 a early UAV from 1939, a very simple plane that started out as a target drone but later on a new housing with a camera added and used as a scout/reconnaissance plane instead, about a 100 where build in 1942 and 1943, there was a delay in building because Argus was to busy making engines so this got pushed back a few years.

Length: 2.40 m
Wingspan: 2.40m

 Powerplant: 1 × Argus, 3 hp (2.2 kW); later 6-7 hp

not much to say about it other then that so picture time

and now from the model

Greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Armoured brigade

Armoured brigade.

Part of the back log, this set I did some time ago.

They where based on the anime Wolfs brigade, if you dont know it watch it sometime its a good movie, the idea behind this set is German soldiers with a lot of body armour and a lot of fire power, so we have a MG42 gunner with the ammo belt running too the backpack, a panzerfaust 250, 1 with a C96 which I gave a updated look,  the rest have STG44 with suppressors.

the figures where a bit of a pain to make, because of 2 problems, 1 I wanted to have all the arms fit all the bodies and I wanted to have the body armour look all the same, so I made 1 master figure and the rest where conversion of the casting well that was the plan anyway, that did not really work well, so in the end only the upper body and head where used from casts and most of the rest was sculpted like normal, a lot more work then I planned but in the end it looks better this way.

 and the boring one, here is where I decided not to use all of the molded parts and sculpt the most parts of the rest of the figures like normal
Greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria