Friday 10 September 2021

Door kicker team

Door kicker team. Bit more dynamic pose then I usually get to make for the doorkicker and more like them are going up.
Thanks for watching and greeting Mondria

Tuesday 31 August 2021

Olaf from Frozen

Olaf from Frozen that a made for a very sweet 4 year old birthday girl. It was a bit of a rush job with the drying time of both putty and paint, all done in less then 2 days.
Thanks for watching greeting Mondria

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Assault gun E-100

Assault gun conversion for Modelcollect E-100. With 2 main gun options, 170mm and 210mm, updated overhead MG mount also with 2 gun options, MG42 and MG151/20 and IR option, also a ammo crane. Note some parts are held together with poster putty for the pictures and are wonky. Made for GeBo Figuren.
thanks for watching greeting Mondria

Saturday 13 March 2021

Hobby Boss Heinkel He 162 "VolksJager"

Hobby Boss Heinkel He 162 "VolksJager" or "Salamander" Over the summer I bought myself He 162 from Hobby Boss and I was not expection much and that is what the kit is a basic but decent fast build kit and it looks like a He 162 but the wheel bays and cockpit are very basic and that is what to expect. So what started like a weekend build stalded fast and was set aside for some time, I figured I can do a new seat and but of cockpit details but in the nd does did not fit well because the cockpit is to shallow, I shorted the seat but that looked horrible and ended up grinding out the cockpit making it as deep as I could and started building a full cockpit. Now I somewhat what to also open a few hatches. Diving in deep what was planned to be a weekend build ooh well.
Thanks for watching and greetings. Mondria