Friday, 11 December 2015

October fest

Wendy the beer lady, again a friend of mine in a October fest style outfit


Knight with a horn crest on horse back drawing his sword

Dwarf trike

Upcoming 15mm dwarf trike, a small light fast attack vehicle, still wip, needs a front wheel and more detailing

Thursday, 10 December 2015


the M.I.A.S.

this tiny inter war "tank" was build by the Italians around 1935, it was armed with a small mortar or 2 machine guns.

not sure of I can call this a tank, as you can see there was no place to sit and the soldier needed to hunch over and walk behind it, more like the WW1 wheeled shield then even a tankette, it did a engine, i dont no the armor but going from pictures I guess around 8mm to the front and 5 at the sides.
Made this mostly for fun, I like 1 man tanks and tankettes and this most me the smallest manned "tank" ever build. It also gave a lot of problems for something this small, it was planned to be a weekend build, boy I was wrong, first hull I made was to flimsy so not good, second had the angles wrong and below you can see the third. Then the tracks, at first I made a simple band with lead wire but it did not look good so wen I had a little place over in a mould I added 2 track links to it and casted the rest, only to find out that the wheels I made where too large and now the looks are off, ooh the problems with scratching something from just pictures, so now months later and still on my desk time to restart and see what else I did wrong. In this time I did find a shot of the back without the soldier standing in there so now I can make the engine and guns in there too.

old tracks

new tracks
old and new tracks

the flag

The flag

Monday, 7 December 2015

Random Valdemar figures

Random Valdemar figures

beheaded troll

knight with great sword

2 shield, 1 "heart" shaped other with birds head

Danish King

Greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria