Saturday 27 August 2016

Argus AS 292 painted

Finally painted my cast of the Argus AS 292, I have added 2 panzerfausts to make it a attack drone/UAV, this would not be that successful in real life as there is no way to aim the panzerfausts but its still better then the Bucker Bu181 which was also used as a tank buster but was manned and most got shot down and killed, well this way its at least a smaller target and unmanned.

a bit of history of the real AS292 can be find at a older post of mine

Im still not that good at painting and weathering did not work as well as I hoped, the wash did not flow well and I simple need to practice more.

Helga is here to show of the plane

thanks for watching and greetings Mondria

Monday 15 August 2016

Russian command

back to Valdemar figures this post and its the Russian command set

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