Friday 11 May 2018

Kubel with panzerschreks

Parts of the Kubel with Panzerschreks for GeBo.

The erzats panzerjäger Kübelwagen mit panzerschrek, or something like that, sort of late war emergency conversion similar to the Borgward  B IV Wanze only on a Kübel. I have read a few notes that something like this was build and used during the battle of Berlin but it easy could be wrong and it was nothing more that anti tank team being transported by car. What some call the panzerjager beute universal carrier with panzerschreks was also just for transport and would not be fired of the uni carrier and could not even be aimed as mounted and I think that the report missed that.
Anyway what I have done is a what if version of how it could possible look like, I made a mount for 3 panzerschreks with a blast protection shield mounted on it, it started out with 6 panzerschreks like on the Borgward B IV Wanze but that looked far to of balance, for the driver there is a folding shield, smoke launchers for a safer retried after a attack, couple of ammo boxes in the back and of course the 2 crew members.
The set is made for the Kubel S-model.

greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria

Tuesday 1 May 2018


Small sculpt of a friend of mine with her doggy, it will be a gift for her and Im not sure yet if I will paint it yet.