Sunday 31 August 2014

visited to Copenhagen

last weekend I visited Copenhagen and here are shoots of a couple of there museums

First is the Arsenal museum

most of the pictures are a flashy, it was very dark and the glass did not help

the Goliath I love that tiny thing


the old inner harbor, the long building on the left is now the museum, the harbor was build so spies did not see what was loaded on board

old canon navy I think

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Russian knights for Valdemar

some of my best medieval figures to date and the shield design work out really nice as well, but was also pretty hard to do.
here is a start of them there will be 10 total

the Lion shield, I did change the head after this picture see top picture for the final shield,I tried to give the lion a medieval look, as most people back then never had seen a true lion it look a bit different then it would to day
a few of the weapons

Crossbow man

crossbow it self, which also turned out really nice, I was the first time I made a crossbow and I was not sure how to in the beginning

Greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria