Monday, 17 December 2012

US weapons

even more weapons, US this time

M1 Garand

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

allied weapons

today allied weapons

M1 carbine
M1 Thompson
Sten still need a bit more work around the magazine
M1917 is just started plenty to do


M1 Thompson

M1 Thompson

M1 carbine

M1 carbine
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Monday, 3 December 2012

More weapons

Even more weapons today for a new company to be named later

First the German weapons






Berreta Model 38A

Berreta Model 38A
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Friday, 30 November 2012

medieval weapons

tonight medieval weapons which is something I did not that much before Jens ask me to make these, so I spent a few weeks doing research and slowing making these, it did mend that I needed to redo a few things.
Another thing I very happy about is that I do this for Valdemar which makes the best medieval figures out there and maybe even the best small scale figures ever and Im very happy that Jenc ask me to do these.
But you guys are not here for the text but for figures so here they are.

different swords I spend a good time carving the fuller in the blades and very happy with the end result

great helmets

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head form mace

swords with scabbard


note the metal parts are not mine but there to scale the weapons next to a Valdemar figure

coming soon to

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Thursday, 22 November 2012

WW2 Russian tank crew

just finished the WW2 Russian tank crew that I was working on, I got a bit distracted by by other stuff but here they are.

Summer uniform 3 1/2 figures 

and winter uniform again 3 1/2 figures
These are less bulky then I really like for the winter uniform but the first set that I made did not fit in any of the Russian tanks that I have thus they where useless here is the remade set, now they just fit but still have a good sens of the cold weather coat I think 

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Monday, 5 November 2012

15mm sci-fi heavy infantry

Hi again
short post this time, 3 15mm sci-fi heavy infantry guys

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

press mould

Sometimes I need 2-3 parts of a sculpt, now I can mould and cast the part in resin but wen I only need a few casts of it its wasteful and expensive if that is the case I can make simple more of the same, can be hard if they need to match well and takes time or I make a putty mould but you do need a lot of putty for that and using putty is also wasteful.
Now there a a new option, Instant Mold or Oyumaru both works the same, Instant Mold is more expensive but is sold at more places.
This how it works.

This is the Oyumaru this pack cost me around €6 from a ebay seller in HK

Make your master part or if you lost a piece to the carpet monsters.

Boil a glass of water and place the Oyumaru in to a cup an pour the hot water on it, you will see that the Oyumaru will get soft, flip it around a few times so that it gets soft all over.
Take it out of the water and press your master/part into the mould make sure that everything is nice and snug pressed to the master/part.

Set a side for a few minutes to let the Oyumaru get hard again.

pop out the master.

Then fill the mould with putty, make sure there are no trapped air bubbles,  I use a mix of 70-80% Magic Sculpt and 20-30% Procreate, this gives the best of both putties, MS can be sanded and carved easily where PC gives a bit of flex.
Any putty will work, strait MS, PC or Miliput but the mix of MS and PC is best  IMHO.

After a few hours the putty will be dry and can be popped out.  See above for the result and below after a clean and attached to my MIAS (more about that later)

this is a lovely and easy way to make a mould and wen your done with it just place it again in hot water for a new mould. I used a bar of Oyumaru for this mould and there where 6 in the pack I bought to give you a idea how much you get.

Now the downside of the mould will not last more then a few castings most of the time and its not really useful for really detailed masters/parts.

The weapons that I made for the 15mm sci-fi soldiers there made the same way just with a 2 part mould.

so try it and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

greetings Patrick Mondria