Tuesday 26 March 2019

Scalpel blade folder finished

Scalpel blade folder finished well still need to drill a hole for the key ring.

Opening is a bit stiff but as that saves from adding a lock its all good.

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Sunday 17 March 2019

Scalpel blade folder

Some time ago I got the idea of making a tiny folding knife but the blade would be a scalpel blade, like most of you I have a plenty and wen dull just throw it out and does blades are perfect for cutting up all does boxes from shipping but the handles are not so save to carry, a normal blade just gets dull fast from boxes.
So I started with my own tiny folder and grinded out the basic shape out of a scrap piece of steel and with a dremel I made it to fit the blade.
Tomorrow I will start with a wooden handle if I still have a good piece anyway.

update: fit was not as good it could be so second try

grey piece above is the test piece out of clay and will be the folder handle 

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new conversions for Valdemar part 1

New up coming conversions for Valdemar, first series of 30 figures total

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