Saturday 28 April 2012

German tools

really busy for the last few weeks with some really nice things coming up and will post them wen Im really done with them, in the mean time a nice set of WW2 German tools
We got
- 2 C-hooks
- 2 S hooks (not in the picture)
- 3 ton jack and block (also works as a 5 ton jack in this scale there is no real differences)
- 15ton jack and block (or 10-15-20 ton jack)
- shovel
- hammer
- axe

- fire extinguisher
- and a couple of things that I dont know the name of

Allied sets are also coming just need to find the info so if any of you guys seeing this can help please let me know

Tuesday 10 April 2012

termi part 2

still working on the other arm and the back also need more detailing