Sunday 28 October 2018

Holt one man tank

Popular know as the Holt one man tank, the only thing right from the name is one man as it had a single driver but it was not build by Holt nor was it ever designed as a tank, this wooden model of one of the British heavies Mark I-IV tanks was build for the Red Cross as a funds raising gimmick build by a motorcycle company in 1918 and later that year used by the Holt company as a sales tool and there it got its name from. Of course magazines like Popular Mechanics made up stories it was to be used to overwhelm the German trenches with the cool cover art of a couple of these assaulting the trenches.

This will be made for a group build with home front as theme, as Red cross funds raising tank it is  perfect for the home front and its one of the tiny "tanks" I love to build so this will be my entry.

Copies will be made so if you like 1 for yourself please sent me a email at
parts layout, did not use the bottom left 2
just a quick mark up

The real deal

Maybe one of the best Popular Mechanics covers, totally fiction of course as it was never planned to go into production, but Im toying with the idea of making a dio like it because it looks great

 Update, rivets and guns

 first cast

and the Red Cross nurse in here out door uniform to go with the fundraiser dio

Greetings Mondria

Friday 12 October 2018

I made a thing and its sharp now

did some profiling, clean up of the forge scale and sharpened this knife thingie and it cuts far better then I was excepting, the balans is great right at the shoulder its just that the grip is too skinny next time will be better