Friday 25 November 2011

Goliath part 2

After a long time not having a clue how to make does tinny-tinny tracks of the Goliath and 3/4 tries making them, 7 pieces a track no larger then 2X1mm total, all did not work out well, end result was uneven tracks and too thin to cast, so I sanded them all down and that is where I am at this moment.

the sponsons or just attached temporary as I like to cast the sponsons and tracks as a single piece

Thursday 24 November 2011

more beach babes

last 2 of the beach babes

pictures are not that great, hope you guys get the idea
Welcome Erhan

Tuesday 1 November 2011

back again

Back again this time with 2 every different things first is a figure I based on a friend of mine, she is a mechanic and good looking too 2 things you dont see every day. The other a light horse it will be the base for ancient Egyptian chariot team and later on light cavallery, now the horse is not done yet the left side is almost done the right side still needs more work, also the belly is not right yet.
More to come in the coming days more beach babes, animals and more

Camilla front

Camilla side

Camilla back
Light horse
Light horse
Light horse

Welcome Remco enjoy