Monday 17 December 2012

US weapons

even more weapons, US this time

M1 Garand

thanks for watching and feel free to comment

greeting Patrick Mondria


  1. increadible. I must ask from what do you make those guns? just asking because I have seen you make a few now and thought of making myself some muskets.

    1. its hard to explane, the material is just Evergreen plastic rod and card, cut to length/size and then carved in to shape, I use Procreate putty to detail it more.
      for tools I only use a very sharp nr11 blade, ruler and inked (the black and red in the pictures)

    2. thanks, so you carve them out of a material. that sounds a lot easier than making them from putty, still complicated but I will give it a go,

    3. really does not matter, carving out of putty or plastic is the same its just that the round tube is really round and carving round part is a bitch.
      its really picking the right material for the job, hard puttys for carving (magicsculpt), soft putty for sculpting organic shapes (procreate)
      good luck and drop me a line wen you are done