Monday 30 June 2014

German gear and weapons

As most of you know by now I do a lot of weapons and in this case its no different most of them have build many times by now but these do look the best so far, these will not be sold as weapons sets they are just for me to save time and use in other commissions.
More of none German stuff later, Russian stuff first most likely 

German tool, lights that sort of thing

Panzerscherk and German person gear

Panzerfaust, K98k, MP40, MG42, STG44
Parts for a light tank that Im working on
what if stuff, STG-44 with IR sights and backpack, STG Grossfus also called STG-45 Horns, a small smg and last 2 IR sights for vehicles
Greetings and thanks for watching
Patrick Mondria

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