Thursday 28 September 2017

Putty time, epoxy putties

This will be a tutorial about sculpting putty or maybe more a review then tutorial, there are many different putties and by far I have not tried them all.

More tutorials about sculpting will follow after this, like figure conversion and so on

There are 3 mayor types:
- epoxy putty
- air dry clay
- oven baked clay or putty

As I hardly ever use clay in my sculpting I will not comment on them because there are plenty more people that know much more about them.

Starting with epoxy putties and my favorite one namely Procreate or PC for short.

- its grey, okee this sounds weird does it not grey is a good thing, well yes, it makes shadows far easier to see and because of that details are easier to see so its easier to add more details or see mistakes on your sculpt, the color also makes the sculpting easier on the eyes always a good thing wen doing this as small as this.
- easy to smooth out
- can be drilled and sanded but its hard to get it smooth that way
- has no "memory"

- rubbery wen dry, this is why is hard to sand
- 1 of the more expensive putties

company that makes it
last time I bought some it was over here, for no other reason then they also had other things I wanted and 1 of the cheaper sources

Greenstuff/Kneadnite or GS

both are the same stuff Greenstuff is just the name that Wargaming company gives it. this is the industry standard for years, but I simply dont like it, good chance that if you have a metal figure the master is made with this stuff, fuuny fact it started out as a plumbers putty.
- easy to get every Wargaming shop has it and a lot of modeling stores too
- cheaper if you buy in larger strips and as kneadnite

- its green, wen mixed its a horrible toxic green color, its also makes it harder to see detail in it.
- it has "memory"meaning if you push it in it will bounce back a little during drying, not a problem for larger pieces and after time you get used to it but it give a longer learning curve.
- really expensive in the Wargaming shops where only small strips are sold
- where the yellow and blue touches on the strips it starts curing so wen you buy it remove them form each other or you get lumps wen mixed

original company
not the best source or the cheapest but best known I guess, I never bought anything from GW


most common modeling putty which is I almost hate as it leaves a residue on the fingers wen mixing and wen its a bit older it gets a skin on the unmixed bars, some mix it in other got it off I think it will be lumpy wen mixed if the skill is left on

there are 3 or 4 different version but I have only used 2 the normal and white, white is a bit finer but both will work the same.

- can be bought in most modeling shops
- cheap
- likely you will already have a bar at home
- can be sanded and drilled easy as it dries rock hard

- does not hold detail very well
- gets a useless skin wen old
- leaves residue on the fingers wen mixing

company website
never ordered these online can be bought in many shops

Magic Sculpt or MS

this is my most used putty that dries rock hard, bit hard to explain why I like it more then Milliput I just think it does everything Milliput does just a better.

company website

more will follow wen I have tried out other putties, Aves I have not tried yet and I will order it soon but for the moment this is it.
carries most of the putties I use and good source

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