Tuesday 3 April 2018

TK series

First of the TK series, the First to Fight TKS with 20mm canon, nothing much was done with this one, placed the cannon at the correct place on the gun mantle, at 5 o'clock from center, also started at placing the rivets on the sides, used Archer decals for this, pretty easy to use but as with all rivets really boring to do and Im glad the rest of the kit does have its rivet.
They stock on pretty good, I made the surface wet and placed the rivets 1 by 1, to get the spacing right, wen dried it was fine, some spots I have been testing it with Valleyo decal fixer and softener, not sure if the fixer did anything but the softener worked nice to blend the film with the model, I left some of the film on to give it some extra surface to help stick.

thanks for watching

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