Tuesday 20 June 2023

Panzerkleinzertörer Rutscher

Panzerkleinzertörer Rutscher 

This model I made a couple of years ago but forgot to share it here. 

Some 20 designs where drawn up following these design specs.

Design specs 

     -2 man crew 

    -between 3,5t and 5t 

    -armor 20mm frontal, 14,4mm sides 

    -Tatra 4 cylinder, 90 HP motor -armed with a 81mm PAW600 for up to 700m combat range 

    -a possible 75mm KWK40 L48 for combat ranges past 700m 

Only of the BMW version a full size wooden mock up was made, the size is listed below 

    -hull about 1m high without the superstucture 

    -3550mm long 

The many Rutcher versions      

    -standard with 2 81mm PAW600 cannons 

    -big boom with a 75mm Kwk40 L48 (was part of the design specs but does look a bit over the top) 

My own designs, which I'm pretty sure could have been made on this small handy chassis 

    -street sweeper with 2 30mm MK103 

    -ammo carrier 

    -demolition version, similar to the NSU Spr1nger and Borgward IV 

    -X-7 anti tank missile launcher


Greetings and thanks for watching Mondria

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