Thursday 25 August 2011


More KV parts this time, now a conversion for the KV-1K sometimes called KV-10 but this is also another project and I think its the wrong name so I stick with KV-1K, the boxes it self where called KRAST-1, a project to arm KV tanks with more fire power by adding 4 armored boxes with 2 RS-132 rockets each. The elevation was fixed and aiming was done by moving the tank side to side, it is said that accuracy was really bad and thus the reason that it was not put in production, others say the test where successful but the slow reload time out side of the tank and shorter range then other rocket systems, only 600m, also the top rockets can not be fired with the turret turned to the side.
Years ago I made a model of this but it was lost somehow, now that my scratch building skill are better then it was 10 years ago I had a new shot at it this time I made only 1 box and 1 launch rail with rocket then after casting it would be a nice model.
On the under side of the box there are 2 bars remove the first one for the back launcher and the 2th one for the front launcher 

update for more info

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