Sunday 28 August 2011

panther cupola

First of all I see I got a couple of new followers welcome guys.

Second new upgrade kit this time a Panzer V Panther cupola, as the Revell kits is missing a vision block and the MG is huge, both the Revell and Dragon kits dont have interior detail and nobody else made replacement parts I made this upgrade for Weefriends.
It will have a new cupola, hatch, handle, MG-34 panzerlauf, MG ring, MG holder and ammo bag.
The small lip in front is only for very late war Panther G it was used for a metal band to connect the IR sight with the gun if not wanted a slice of a knife is all what is needed,  other then that it can be used for both A and G versions of the Panther.
The Mg ring will be cast in white metal so it can be bent around the vision blocks.
That all for today more in a few days.

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